Cold Days; Hot Deals

Moroch Partners has a McDonald’s Cold Days, Hot Deals campaign out right now that includes dynamic digital boards in Rockford, IL and Madison, WI.

As a reward for braving the cold weather, customers who buy one Big Mac® sandwich at the regular price, get a second Big Mac® for the price of the previous day’s noon temperature.

For example, if the temperature is 22°, degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, the price of the second Big Mac® on Tuesday will be only 22 cents. If the previous day’s temperature is zero or below, the second Big Mac® is free.

Temperatures will be recorded from the National Weather Service’s automated weather station at the Greater Rockford International Airport. The official temperatures will then be posted at each McDonald’s restaurant and communicated to the public via radio and television commercials.

This McDonald’s campaign not only gives you a great deal on your second Big Mac,® but it also shows customers the temperature that day. Relevant information and great deals… I’m lovin’ it.


  1. bob t · January 18, 2012

    the ad doesn’t ‘show customers the temperature that day’. it shows the temperature from noon the previous day. less relevant than described.

    • ian · January 18, 2012

      bob the temperature actually updates in real time at that moment. this is done through a feed from to our individual digital based on IP address and Lat/Long. We’ve had campaigns where the client has choosen to run the temp as the price of a product from the previous day (McDonald’s) This was more due to the slowed down process of keeping up with the price at the register. If you have more question please feel free to reach out (Innovation & Digital Strategist)