Coke’s Interactive Vending Machines

At Lamar advertising, we strive to generate the best ideas for our out-of-home clients. Especially in digital, there are always new and exciting technologies explored as potential methods to promote a brand or message. The cool thing about  digital advertising is that a viewer can interact or engage with advertisements through outlets, such as Facebook or Twitter. This engagement ultimately helps retain brand images and helps a customer feel part of a product or company. However, this out of home interaction is not just limited to social media and billboards.

For example, Coca-Cola has creative ways to turn simple out of home displays into great interactive experiences. Called “open happiness,” Coca-cola created a campaign that turned grabbing a coke from the vending machine into an interactive and engaging task. Since the start of the campaign in 2009, Coke unveiled various machines, including the hug machine, where customers had to hug the vending machine for a coke. Additionally, using webcams on Valentine’s Day, couples had to show a gesture of affection to receive cokes for two.

In December 2012, Coke released a teaser for a new project.  The brand’s new idea uses webcams to connect various vending machines throughout different countries.  The idea is for consumers to share a coke together.  To do this, the consumers must virtually join hands and trace shapes together to receive their respective cokes.

The cool thing about our job in digital is that innovation is endless. There is always a new technology to explore and a new way to connect with customers, whether it be in billboard or vending machine form. Below are just a few video examples of the vending machines at work.